Tuning and Maintenance

Art’s Cyclery have some great youtube videos explaining how to tune your rear derailleur, the front derailleur and your saddle positioning. They are as follows:

Rear Derailleur Tuning

Please note, this video explains how to tune your derailleur from scratch. When you first receive your STUDDS bike, it will only require fine tuning with the barrel adjuster, so there should be no need to completely loosen the cable in most circumstances, therefore, you should be able to skip the first 2 minutes of this video.

Front Derailleur Tuning

Changing a tire/tube

Removing and replacing a rear wheel

Saddle Positioning

Attaching Pedals

Replace a crankset and Bottom Bracket

NOTE: For most of our bikes, you will need a socket wrench rather than an allen key to remove the cranks.
The crank and BB tools can be found really cheaply on ebay when searching for crank set tool.

Attaching Disc Brakes

Tuning Disc Brakes

General Bike Maintenance