Duro Easy Ride Comuter Tire 700x32c


Turn your bike into a hybrid

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Can be added to the Studds 100FB if needed.

Duro Tires offer exceptional performance and quality with over 65 years of experience in tire design and manufacturing. Founded in 1945, Duro started with a simple principle: providing a superior quality product at a price that everyone could afford. Over the years Duro has designed and manufactured tires to the highest safety standard for a variety of industries, from cycling and auto to manufacturing applications as well. Duro strives on innovation and improvement, constantly refining and expanding their products to provide the best performance and handling without sacrificing quality or safety.

Duro’s Easy Ride is designed for the roads, offering durability, comfort, and performance. This reliable road tire features a low profile tread pattern, with deep angular channels that are designed to shed water and promote traction. The tread pattern features a smooth centerline tread that provides low rolling resistance and a knurled tread pattern on the edges with promotes increased tread adhesion and superior cornering performance. The Easy Ride is designed to provide responsive, reliable handling on the road, making it an ideal choice for touring and commuting.

Item Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Tire Size: 700x32c
  • ISO Size: 622
  • ISO Width: 32
  • Bead Type: Aramid Folding
  • Tire Style: Clincher
  • Casing: 60TPI
  • Rubber Durometer: 60A


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